High-tech mosquito trap

TERRENCE Loh became part of the dengue statistics in September last year. While lying on his hospital bed, he surfed the Internet in the hope of finding a solution that will keep the deadly disease in check.Today, Loh’s company Versajaya Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor of the Mosquito Magnet, a technology from the United [...]

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Public Education and Awareness Talks on Dengue Fever and Technology

Public Education and Awareness Talks on Dengue Fever and Technology, given by Versajaya managing director, Terrence Loh, at Brickfield Asia College, PJ City Centre on 18 November 2014. Other than public awareness has been made to such revolutionizing technology, social responsibility is always a part of the business philosophy.

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垄尾北赖再也花园率先使用 灭蚊磁铁2黑区试跑

(槟城10日讯)槟州骨痛热症蔓延情况令人担忧,州政府在2015年财政预算案中宣布率先于两大黑区,即北赖再也花园和垄尾安装“灭蚊磁铁”,借新科技诱捕黑斑蚊。 槟州卫生委员会主席阿菲夫行接受《光华日报》访问时说,“灭蚊磁铁(Mosquito Magnet)”会持续在空气中产生出无味的二氧化碳、热能和湿气,模拟人体吸引诱蚊子。一旦蚊子靠近,就会被这高效和功能强大的捕蚊器吸入,并在24小时内将其风干致死。 […]

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Bernama News : Mosquito Magnet

GEORGE TOWN, 7 Nov (Bernama)Mengenai penularan wabak denggi yang sangat membimbangkan tahun ini, Ketua Menteri berkata kerajaan negeri dalam Bajet 2015 bersetuju memulakan inisiatif baharu dalam menangani masalah denggi dengan memperkenalkan pemasangan 'Mosquito Magnet' di beberapa lokaliti wabak yang kronik di negeri ini. "Mosquito Magnet adalah satu teknologi daripada Amerika Syarikat dan untuk permulaan, satu [...]

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槟州政府将在州内数个蚊症黑区,安装“灭蚊磁铁(Mosquito Magnet)

槟州首席部长林冠英表示,州政府将在州内数个蚊症黑区,安装“灭蚊磁铁(Mosquito Magnet) […]

槟州政府将在州内数个蚊症黑区,安装“灭蚊磁铁(Mosquito Magnet)2019-12-04T12:39:35+08:00

Mosquito Magnet, that Represents Quality and Technology

  The manufacturing facility of Mosquito Magnet in Tennessee, US, where Mosquito Magnets are seamlessly assembled and thoroughly tested from the beginning of the process until packing. Mosquito Magnet research and development team has re-designed a significant level of improvement to accommodate the specification that suits to Malaysian climates and parts requirement. Quality and performance [...]

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Cooperation Meeting

Mosquito Magnet Malaysia get into the first retail cooperation meeting to bring Mosquito Magnet into Public. From the left, the Vice President of Home Pro, Hardline Division, Mr Kobsak and on the right, Mr Terrence Loh.

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